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RPM Auto Specialists


At RPM Auto Specialists we are specialists in wheel alignment and suspension.

From bushes to shocks, tie rods to rack ends we do everything to promote handling and safety

Wheel Alignments

Why are wheel alignments important?

Wheel alignments alter and repair the way your tyres contact the road surface and applies attributes towards your vehicles handling and performance. It also reduces tyre wear and improves wet road and cornering performance.


Why is suspension important?

Your vehicles suspension applies the pressure to its wheels and tyres to insure good traction. Damaged shock absorbers, springs or worn bushes and ball joints are dangerous to you and your passengers.

Suspension Tuning

What is suspension tuning?

Often in performance or motorsport vehicles the suspension and steering behave differently to a factory or street vehicle. You need custom alignments to assure correct function or promote other handling requirements.

What We do at RPM Auto Specialists!

At RPM Auto Specialists we are industry leaders in suspension repair and modification, steering, wheel alignments and suspension tuning for performance and motorsports vehicles. We service all makes and models and all vehicles from hatchbacks to modified 4wds and light trucks. If you are looking for adjustable suspension or lowering, crash and impact repairs or have simply failed a WOF on a suspension or steering component, give us a call and we will be happy to talk to you about your needs and supply a quote if required. 

Wheel alignment

Suspension modifcation

Suspension Tuning